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Black Winter Truffle mushroom

Black Winter Truffle Mushroom

Tuber melanosporum

14 NIS/g

 560 1,540

Black winter truffle mushroom, which is considered as the most rare and luxurious among the black truffle mushrooms. It originates from Perigord, France. Grew in our orchards in the abundant nature of Golan Heights.

The stock is updated weekly in accordance with the orchards’ crop.

Terroir: Basalt soil, 1.000 meters altitude above sea level.
Harvest Time: December – March.
Color: Black exterior and interior with white and brown strings.
Flavor and Aroma Profile: Forrest soil, chocolate, vanilla, butter, nuts, berries, cocoa, coffee beans and more.

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Price per 100g: 1,400 NIS. In order to reach the desired product weight, some of the truffles may arrive not whole. Upon packaging, the product will be weighed and priced. Images are for illustration purposes only. The products and ingredients you ordered will be provided by Ilsar via courier within two weeks from making the order. Free delivery to your home when ordering a truffle. Shipments will be provided everywhere between the North and Rishon LeTsiyon.

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It's my first time using truffles, how much should I use?
In an average pasta or risotto serving it is recommended to use about 10g of fresh truffle. We recommend to use generously in order to enjoy the truffle's flavor. To our Recipes >>
How should I preserve the truffle?

Open the package and gently pull the truffle out of the jar. Wrap it in a paper towel, put it back in the jar and store in the fridge until used.

It is recommended to take the truffle our of the fridge about 20 minutes before used.

In case you have any leftover truffle, wrap it in a paper towel and put it back in the jar and to the fridge.

Paper towel should be replaced daily.

If light mold is grown, do not throw the truffle away, wipe it and use it quickly.

How long before the truffle expires?

The truffle is a fresh and natural raw material, which doesn't go through any processing or chemical treatment therefore its aroma changes and fades with each passing day.

It is recommended to use within one week upon receipt.

How do you use truffles?

Use a designated truffle slicer or grater, in order to achieve maximum flavor.

You can read about cooking tips and purchase a slicer or grater.

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We would very much like to have you here in Golan Heights, but unfortunately, we do not have a visiting center at this point.

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Is the truffle kosher?

Yes. Contact us for further details. 

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